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By Iwannagofishin
Bought a Lowrance X-4 Pro yesterday at Academy. Will be using this with my 3 panel BBW boat that I built about 2 years ago. Panels made with cedar and fiberglassed on both side. Total panel thickness about 3/8 inch.

The user manual for the Lowrance says that the transducer cannot be mounted inside the boat if the panels are made with wood. I'm sure someone has tried this before.

Anyone have experience with this? And if it can be done.............any pointers?


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By preacher
For years I've tried to glue them down and always had problems with bubbles forming in the glue. Now I build little walls in the bow or other areas and install a small drain with stopper. I mount the transducer to a bulkhead with the mounting bracket then pour about 2 - 3 inches water into the compartment before I paddle out and they work perfect.

Bow mount in my Honey Bee


Midship in my Cape Fear.


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By preacher
Iwannagofishin wrote:Thanks Preacher. I like this idea. So does your transducer touch the bottom of the boat? Or is it mounted above the Hull so that water can surround the transducer?

It lightly touches the hull. The water completely surrounds it and I get a good clear signal even in shallow water which was a problem when I tried to Goop it down.

You just have to remember to drain the water when you finish, I carry big sponges for that and for the inside of my yak. If you leave tthe water in a sealed hatch during the summer it really starts to stink, please don't ask how I know.
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By Mullet Key
I cut a window in the wood where I wanted the transducer. I epoxied one 4-oz glass square over the window using graphite in the epoxy. Then used to clear sealing tape on the outside to cover any pin-holes in the glass. Then filled the void with epoxy and silica powder and a little dark wood flour for color. Then I glassed the top of the epoxy-fill with small strips of glass that are connected to the transducer as well. I sanded the sides of the transducer for a good bond. The bottom of the kayak has a graphite layer so it all blends in well. Works great. Link below.

http://www.jemwatercraft.com/forum/view ... 1&start=10
Tranducer-Whatthefishsee.jpg (22 KiB) Viewed 2398 times
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