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By Iwannagofishin
I built this boat about 2 years ago. So it needed a little refreshing and a couple of upgrades. If you're interested, here is the original build thread.
And here is what she looked like on her first paddle.
1st Paddle.jpg
1st Paddle.jpg (32.64 KiB) Viewed 2080 times

I've really enjoyed her. So my main changes were to add Bow & Stern hatches and add a Fish Finder. I also needed to re-tie her Bow & Stern handles. I also sanded her down and added a fresh coat of epoxy. Just getting rid of the runs from the original build and 2 years worth of rock rash.

I've wanted to cut the hatches for a long time, but "I was skeered". So I taped them off and marked my lines.
Marked Hull.jpg

Then I check the measurements about 6 times, took a deep breath and started cutting. Used a hand held miter to start at one of the high points.
Starting cut.jpg
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By Iwannagofishin
After starting with the hand held miter, I switched over to the jig saw.

There's no turning back now.
Hatch cut.jpg

Time to start putting it back together. I built a lip for the lid to rest on out of some Pine that I had in my scrap pile. Used some cardboard to make a form. Then cut the pieces to a width of 1 inch. 5/8" under the hatch, 3/8" sticking out to support the lid. Put a saturation coat on the new pieces and let them dry. Then epoxied them into place. Clamped them up and waited for them to dry.
Rim clamped 2.jpg

Is that a pathetic set of clamps or what?
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By Iwannagofishin
I added a rubber door weather strip to the lip of the hatch. It's a soft rubber so it makes a great seal.
Hatch w weatherstrip.jpg

But it forces the lid to sit a little higher than the hatch. Not crazy about the look, but I know that it's water tight.
Lid laying on top.jpg

Once you put the bungees on it, the lid lays down a little. I'll see if it grows on me.
completed hatch.jpg
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By Iwannagofishin
I also wanted to add a fish finder. Ended up buying a Lowrance X-4 Pro. Academy had them on sale.
I really struggled with how to mount the transducer. Really wanted to mount it to shoot thru-hull. Not sure how well this will work.
I used some rubber pipe insulation to create a transducer mount. Cut it out to fit, and glued it down in the front hatch.
rubber for transducer mount.jpg

Then I filled the hole with Marine Goop and put the transducer in place. For some reason I didn't get a picture of this, but you can find many examples of this in other posts. Some say it works, some say it doesn't. I'll let you know.

Made a wooden mount that fits into one of the PVC pipes on my milk crate. It attaches securely and swivels.
FF in box.jpg

Then I added some industrial Velcro to keep my seat in place, re-tied the bow & stern handles. She's ready to float again.
ready for water.jpg

Of course, it's Mothers Day weekend. So I can only look at her for a few days. I'll post a review of the transducer mount as soon as possible.

Nice talking with you.

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