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By barditch
So, I stumbled onto the ammo for a little project, and Ron's recent post stimulated me to get off my duff and do it. I found some very old drop forged knife blanks out of the Sabatier plant in Thierry, FR. Probably barely post WWII, carbon steel, really nice. When I was gathering up the tools to do the work, I found that I needed another single cut 12" mill bastard file. (Being a high mileage type with extensive resume', one of the things I learned back in the dark ages was the art of draw filing.)
So, we start the search, eliminate all the usual suspects and presto, no sources! Enter Ebay. I work my way through the offerings, eliminate the crap and there are two choices: Nicholson and Vermont American.
End of story...you ain't gonna buy US of A made files...the Vermont American is made in India and the Nicholson came in stamped, "Made in Mexico".
You can't help the economy if there's no product out there to buy! :horse:

Nice talking with you.

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