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By TexasZeke
I finally got around to start building again, decided that life was never going to slow down so some things would just have to wait. If I can ever get photobucket to work I'll post the pics but here is what I did. I have been telling my son (12 ) for awhile now that I was going to build him a boat. I still have the TV15-32 I built a few years back but decided that I wanted to build 2 boats that would nest together to make transporting them easier. What I built was two of the light aluminum skinned boats. The big one is just over 13' long and 24" wide. I made the little one, actually to little, didn't account for some things. It came in at just under 11' and 20". Needless to say it is an extremely tippy boat, much more than I thought it would be.

What I need is suggestions to dampen it down some. I don't know if this would do anything but I thought about attaching a piece of plywood to the hull on the back kinda like a whale tail on an outboard motor. I'm just not sure if this would do anything. Thought about outriggers, but really don't want to go that route. I could always scrap it but hate to do that to a boat I just finished


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By generalnotes
20 inches is going to be a tippy boat. could you post some pictures of it? is the bottom flat? you might be able to attach some pool noodles at the water line, but that would really slow it down not to mention make it look funny.I think your only option is to make it wider at the waterline or outriggers.
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By richg99
On a store.bought canoe, I added outriggers. They were angled slightly up. They never touched the water unless I leaned over. Soon took them off, but they were good "training wheels". Regards, rich
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By texasag07
Google sportspal Aluminium canoe's they have 3-4" tall by 3-4" wide closed cell foam strip that runs almost the length of the boat.

I have one if these canoes and that extra width and flotation come in handy when fishing/hunting out of it. If you do some searching online you can find somewhere that will sell you some similar foam for a decent price.

Nice talking with you.

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