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A Houston boat designer, Skip Johnson will be speaking at the HASK (Houston Assn of Sea Kayakers) meeting next Thursday July 18th at Theo's, a Greek Restaurant at 812 Westheimer Rd, one block East of Montrose Blvd. If you want to join us you can register from the link below as non-member for the purpose of just getting a head count or email me and I'll give the meeting organizer an estimate from the TKF - Boat Builder forum. Thanks, Chris [ mullet.key@gmail.com ]

Skip is a semi-retired architect who is also an avid amateur boat designer and builder. He designed and built his first canoe as a teenager in 1959. He played around with boat designs going into the 1980's until personal computers and CAD systems allowed him to pursue his hobby in earnest. Skip is now an accomplished racing canoe designer and has many success stories.

His designs holds multiple records in the solo to six man unlimited racing canoe for the Texas Water Safari. A 260 mile annual race via the San Marcos and Guadalupe rivers, from Aquarena Springs in San Marcos, to the shrimping village of Seadrift on the Texas coastline. Just this year, his new USCA C2 pro boat design won its class.

And finally, his latest is a 3 person outrigger design that will race in the Missouri American Water MR340 set for July 23-26. A 340 mile race across the entire state of Missouri starting in Kansa City and ending in St. Charles.

For show and tell, Skip plans to bring a paddle that he designed and built and some of the materials that he uses to build his boats and paddles.

Registration is recommended (but not required) for this meeting. This will allow us to give the restaurant a better estimate of attendance. The restaurant can then better accommodate us with the room arrangement and sufficient servers. Be sure to register all family members and guest (companions).

https://hask.clubexpress.com/content.as ... _id=289830

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I wish I could attend. I met with Skip Thursday to catch up and to talk preliminary design specs with him for a new boat. I've built a solo that he designed for me but now it's time to move on to a tandem.

I recommend going for anyone interested in boat design.

My avatar is Skip and I racing in the CR100 in one of his boats.
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