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By Woodbender
My thinning out is your gain. I have a 24' long strongback for sale. I only built one racing canoe on it and don't have time to build another one anytime soon. It was designed to breakdown into two 12' sections for moving. I built it in my shop at work and then transported it to my personal shop. Everything worked great. Casters on the bottom for easy rolling around the floor if needed. The legs are setup to "float" under the beam so it doesn't rock at all if on an uneven surface. All four casters will stay in contact with the floor.

I live in Cypress, Texas. You will have to come and get it.

To see pics please see the following: www.easysite.com/jajouett Pictures should scroll on the homepage and you can click on them in order to see larger ones if desired.

Send me a message if interested.


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