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By downwiffit
Does anyone know if epoxy paint can be used to wet-out fiberglass cloth, or thickened with fillers to make putty? I am just curious to whether I could possibly save a little time and money buying just one product (cause I'm cheap, lol).
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By Shamrock kid
No it cannot be used in this manner. It would not be as strong as needed. If used in this manner it will crack and delaminate. Another problem I see is that if used to wet out cloth you would have trouble seeing through the cloth for proper wet out. Being able to see air bubbles and voids is important to make proper laminations.
By downwiffit
Yeah, thats kinda what I was figuring. I was thinking of doing this to my PDRacer I was finishing up. Not so much for structural strength, but bottom skid protection. Thanks for your input

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