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By Bob Keyes
How many of us have dreamed of having an affordable aluminum internal strongback like Nick uses? Even better how about having the strongback have an easy to use way to locate and lock your forms in an easy to use infinitely adjustable system. Does this sound like I am having a pipe dream with something in the pipe other than tobacco, not so! EBAY is your new friend. Check out the 8020 garage sale store on EBAY, look at the 1530 series extrusions. This is a 1.5 X 3 inch rail with "T" slots on all 4 faces, 2 0n the wide side and 1 on the narrow side. Also look at the 1515 series these are 1.5 X 1.5 that you can use for legs etc. Also they have all the fasteners, braces connector plates and what have you to build whatever you want. Many of us already have what we need to cut the extrusions to size, a power mitre saw with an with a carbide blade. Think about this material and other things come to mind like roof racks etc.

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