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By Prof. Salt
Hi guys,

I usually post in the BTB section and do most of my paddling in the gulf, but I thought this might be a better place to ask advice on Greenland paddles. I have noticed that when paddling offshore, after I hit about the 12 mile mark, my elbows begin to complain, and it feels like the beginnings of tendinitis. I have read that the Greenland paddle is a good choice for long paddling trips and less chance of tendinitis. Do any of you guys have experience with this type of thing? I really hope to continue those long paddles out there, maybe without the elbow pain.
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By Shamrock kid
I've personally never used one, but have used several different paddles. Right now I use an AT 100% carbon paddle. It makes all the difference, light weight, easier to place in the water right, just a much better design. The GP is a thousand year old Inuit design that was made to let them paddle in open oceans with relieved stress on the joints and body. I think in your case it would be worth a try. Good luck and let us know what you do and if it helps.

P.s. Love your reports by the way, one of these days I would like to get out there with y'all.
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By bowgarguide
I would try a touring paddle ,still light but built like a greenland, also try vering your stroke from high to low and back every few minutes,that will very the presure on your joints
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By Prof. Salt
Ron, I've been varying deep and shallow strokes on long trips but the problem still crops up. When it does show up it becomes an issue pretty quickly, though I'm usually headed back to shore when it happens. Also, the issue is more likely if I've been catching some good fish; they add stress that I would rather not avoid. So far I can rest, stretch and massage the back of my elbows and get to the beach, but I know if I keep abusing them at some point the issue will get more serious. I'm shooting for 250 miles offshore this season and just want to take care of the arms that will make it happen.

I switched to a touring paddle shape at the end of the summer but have yet to make a trip over 10 miles with it. Evidently GPs are still pretty uncommon this far South. Maybe I'll get one and let others try it too if they're interested. I seem to enjoy the paddling aspect more than other kayakers offshore ...it seems that's both good and bad.

SK, you're always welcome to come along, but you already knew that. :D

Nice talking with you.

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