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By Old Skool Hookers
I have been lurking the boat building part of this forum and have been really impressed with what I have seen being built throughout the years. Well I have finally decided to pull the trigger and start one myself. Picked up the wood last night and waiting to get started. I am going to build a 12' skiff with a bottom of 36-42" and the top at 48". I have no pre bought plans only ideas and dreams so go easy on me. What would be a good height of the transom using a 15" shaft outboard (small engine size) motor? Also if if you could point me in the right direction as to what angle to put the sides at so as they aren't straight up and down. I know if I put them at an angle it should add bouyancy right?

Thanks for any help you guys can lend and keep building on.
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By kneekap
Once you buy materials; well that's the end for you! I think boat building is just as addictive as rod building.

Woe is you. You will not be able to stop. Always the next one will be engineered and thought out
better than the last.

I am trying really hard to stay away from lumber yards that sell Hydrotech! Stop checking out those
epoxy sites too. Once you see that first hull looking like an actual watercraft; it is such a rush!
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By preacher
Once you stitch the sides to the hull you cut small strips to the same length that you want your width to be.

You wedge and secure them in place until you get the fillets in place and cured. If you are installing bulkheads and/or decks they will hold the shape for you.
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By Old Skool Hookers
I am pretty sure I will make a few mistakes as I go but it is a learning curve and sometimes I take that chance. Here is what I have so far. Total length will be 12' long and width will be 48". At the moment I am enjoying the process but it is going to take me some time to get it really looking like a boat. I think my final out come will be decent for my 1st boat build ever. I am already look towards my next build with that being the FS18. Seems that is a very popular design. As for now I will stay focused on what I have in front of me.
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By Old Skool Hookers
It's coming along pretty nice put just taking time figuring things out without any plans. What do you all think so far?
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By Old Skool Hookers
Here is a couple more pictures from this weekend. Wasn't able to do much since the misses had yard work involved but once it started raining I was back in the garage working.

Hopefully this thing will float.
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