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By mtrejo
Hello all
I need some advice. I found a pretty thick plastic canoe someone left at the local river bank. The canoe has some cracks and it looks like the person who had it did not want to deal with it because i see patchwork with duck tape. I know it is repairable by all means. My question is i want to repair it with fiberglass my first thought is to cover the whole bottom of the canoe in fiberglass but some friends told me it would be way to heavey and possibly mess up the bouancy. They told me just repair what needs to be repaired. What would be the best way? I am not racing it i will be just using it for fishing or paddling around. Thanks for any advice.
By Dogpaddlin
Post some pics so we can get a better idea of what you are up against. If it is plastic there may be better ways than fiberglass to patch.

Nice talking with you.

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