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Hey everyone!
I'm working on a new advertising photo for a local radio station that's making their transition from ESPN 1250 AM to internet radio. It's called The Gonzo in SA Show and is on Saturday mornings from 9-11 am. www.thegonzoinsashow.com

It's going to be a pretty funny photo, we are having the 2 hosts dress up in all white with sailor hats and one guy is going to have an old school telescope that he's looking off in the distance in. BUT, we want them standing in a wooden boat/kayak in the water. It should take about an hour for the photo and we would compensate you for the time either with $$ or I could work something out where I give you a free photo session.

Reply here or my contact is -- josh@joshhuskin.com or 210-254-7722


ps - The handmade kayaks in this forum are INSANELY good, just looking around in the "post your boats" post was inspiring. Good work.
Hi Josh and welcome to TKF.
I'd offer up my little sea kayak but I don't think it would fit the bill.

If you intend to shoot on the water with 2 radio personalities standing up you will need one hell of a big canoe. :shock: If you set a canoe in a sand pile and filled in the background you could get by with less.


Nice talking with you.

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