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I want to build a boat but need some help with what to build.

I have a yak to play with right now but want to get my wife into paddling and decided to put my manly ADD and wood skills to work on building myself something so I can give her my Ride 115.

I cannot decide what to build because I don't really know enough about paddling. I can paddle better than a newbie but not as well as I would like. The Ride 115 has done me well but doesn't track well for me because I have a too much paddle in the water problem (easy fix is more practice).

Ok, the real issue is I need one that can carry an about to turn 4 year old daughter on short trips when we go to the lake. I am stuck on design and length issues. I think myself or my wife can carry the daughter in the Ride but that means she gets to paddle my masterpiece because she won't paddle the passenger.

I have been eyeballing "homegrown's" TV and really love it. I am thinking of doing a similar pirogue but 15' is a lot of boat in the bed of the truck. At least for a newbie it is. I have a flatbed trailer but it's 20' and gas aint cheap.

My true thought is to get the plans for a panel boat to make but don't stop with plywood. My thought is to get the plywood and cut the pattern test fit/test stitch and then make some strip panels and use the plywood as a cutting guide or practice run. In the end I will sneak the cost out to have two boats instead of one. The plywood will eventually go to the daughter when she is old enough to handler her own.

To what size will a good TV handle what they call a small passenger? Is it possible or do I need to go with a canoe? I fish and paddle lakes and slow rivers. Occasionally I hit the bays and encounter some chop. The wide butt Ride 115 has served me well.

Also any information on local Houston Area suppliers would be great. I live in Dickinson if I haven't updated my profile and people want to know.

Thanks for accepting a new Texan. The wife is a Texan and claims me.
The TV 15-29 is an easy build and a very capable boat, well within the usage you require. I've had mine for a good while now everyone that has used it likes it a lot. I'm presently making the 15-32 for a friend ( he's a big man).
I have done both as you mentioned, one all strip built after cutting ply for templates, big weight saving, but both perform equally.
Toto (3)_resize.JPG

devils river (9)_resize.JPG
Thanks for the photos and info. I really like the look of your boat. I'm hooked and I haven't even started yet. Currently doing as much research as possible about stitching and filleting. Everything else I have done before.

I'm still open to suggestions with designs if someone thinks they have a good reason for me not to build the TV.

I can't decide on the width either. I have gotten spoiled by the secondary stability of the Ride 115 which is great for relieving pains I get in my bum knee. Old Army injuries can be a pain to live with at times.

Does anyone remember about how many rough cut boards they started with? I'm trying to see how much the little lady will let me spend at a time. Without measuring my saw blade, I assume I will need around 15 2x4x8 rough cuts maybe 20 if they have any bends and depending on how much of a deck I do.
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