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By Woodbender

I'm in the design process of a 24' racing canoe for the 2015 Texas Water Safari. I'll need to cut a lot of station forms for building of the canoe. I do cnc machining for a living but my machines will only allow for cutting 1-2 stations at a time due to size constraints. I'm looking for someone that has a 4x8' router I could use to cut my forms so that I can mount an entire sheet of material and cut many forms at one time. It would go so much faster that way.

Anybody in the Houston area have a large router that is willing to help out?

Thanks for looking and I'd appreciate any help available.

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By Weasle
Wish I could help, Ill keep my ears open. Have you got a partner for the race? would be happy to be alternate. Good luck and post your progress on the boat, would love to see this build as you do some amazing work.
Not sure if this link will work without having a login on the site.

This is to a cnc router build I'm doing. I was hoping to find someone that already had one ready to go, but I'm making my own. I already had most of the supplies. I'll still need to get the motors and control box but won't do that until everything is assembled.

http://discussions.texasbowhunter.com/f ... p?t=465232
Doug...my plans have changed back to our original plans. We are training in a c2 but it's not Safari heavy duty so we will be making our own C2 that will be much sturdier. Forms for that are already complete. We will run as a tandem as the expense was going to be too much for our third paddler.

Back to the 24' boat. It is being designed to be a tandem or a triple. It will end up being a heavier boat for 2 people, but I want the option of paddling it with either 2 or 3. We will build this boat too, but it will be a year from now as we need to build the c2 and also train up until next year's race.

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