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By joe6905
Hi everyone I'm new to building kayaks and had a couple questions I hoped u could help with I'm trying to go cheap on my first one and wanting a design that is very stable and easy to fish out of on a small river and was wondering what would you guys recommend being the best way to go I was going to do strip built cause I have the means to saw my own lumber don't want to pay the money for the plywood for the stich and glue designs but couldn't find any designs I liked then came across sof designs that looked good but was afraid they wouldn't hold up to impacts on rocks very well then seen a thread on here were somebody built one out of foam then fiberglassed it that has got me intrigued what is your opinions on the strength of the foam built ones and is there any good fishing designs out there a man can get ahold of ty very much for your time

Nice talking with you.

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