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By charlief1
preacher wrote:
charlief1 wrote:Two things Don. That's a sexy boat, and you need to do some edging. :lol:

Hey, give me a break I mowed.....

You should've said you were busy building the boat. :wink:
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By preacher
PancakePelc wrote:You may have already posted this elsewhere but what type of boat is this? Where did you get the plans? It's beautiful.

I really don't check these forums as much as I should. It's not my intent to dis anyone, just my distraction by daily events.
The answer is it's my design. The concept was birthed by my baby brother and through the years I have built several and add innovations each time. There are plans on my Photobucket but not with this update which feature a deeper slant to the bow keel. Anyone can download the plans and I will try to redo them with the new dimensions. I call this the "Hamboney" which is a play on my nickname "Hambone."
Also thanks for the kind words.

Look for "Jerry's Boat" "Heroes on Water" "REVRAN BOAT" and "HAMBONEY".
By barditch
:D Preacher, I have been off the site for a couple of years, and I drop by for a visit and see this and I have to tell you that your work is escalating the level of excellence geometrically! I can't tell you how much I like this boat and the love and work that went into it! The skill is obvious!
Well done, sir! Well done!
Red Caldwell
Seguin, TX
We hammered their ass today!

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