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By Hookedonhunting
Hey there folks. I am currently considering buying a pop up camper but only if I can figure out how to load and carry all 4 yaks we use. Two are large and two are smaller. Do any of you have this type of situation going on you can share photos of and give me any insights on how you went about doing it? My wife is ADAMENTLY opposed to doing a tandem pull. Otherwise I would just pull the yak trailer behind the pop up.
I've also considered a slide in type truck camper but there's really not enough sleeping room in one of those.

Any help?? Thanks folks!
By cajunsticker
I assume the pop up has an a/c. We had a pop up with an A/C in the middle. Loaded a kayak on either side and two on a rack for the truck. With the truck rack, I could carry 4 on the truck and 2 more on the camper.

I took two 3/4 PVC and covered with pool noodles. Ran a rope through the pvc to strap it down to the camper. Then tied the kayaks to the pvc and tied down the front and back to the camper. Never had a problem. I can try to look for a picture when I get back to the office.

I gave thought to fabricating a complicated system that would put the weight of the kayak on the frame. The simple set up worked so well, there was no need.
By Welderdude
Bro in law uses the same idea as mentioned above...either side of the A/C unit. You could also go straight up from the bumper in back and frame in front, depending on the length of your camper and kayaks. You do not want to ever try to raise the top of the camper with the kayaks on top though...could seriously ruin your weekend with busted left cables or bent lift rails.
By Hookedonhunting
Thanks for the replies guys. After looking at countless youtube videos, manufacturer websites, I believe we have decided to go with one of the "front cargo deck" full blow travel trailers.

Something like this:
http://www.rvtrader.com/dealers/RV-Conn ... -116374046

There are a handful of companies manufacturing these types. I am thinking I'll devise a simple metal rack that will roll on and off the front cargo deck. Possibly two separate pieces that fit into receiver's that are welded to the frame. Not really sure yet how to get them racked......But I can figure that out as I go. Thoughts on these RV units? Some of them come with cargo decks as long as 12 feet. However I'm seeing more with 9-10 feet cargo decks. With over hang I shouldn't have any problems fitting my Big Rig, Predator MX, and other smaller yaks.

Nice talking with you.

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