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By Cigarsnjeeps
I wanted to get me a short vacation in while things are still cool, so I made me some reservation on Apr 11-13th here and am hoping that the area is good for some kayak fishing. Anybody have any experience with this area and park and have any tips on best place to drop in and shuttles if necessary. Its just gonna be me, so I don't have the luxury of staging vehicles.

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By Elmeano85
There is a crossing about 8 miles up river from there. It is a good little run, and I caught several decent bass on it. You might have to work your magic, and get some help staging a vehicle. There are always volunteer gatekeepers there. Most of them would probably help you for free or a small fee.

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By Neumie
You could put in at Boone's Crossing (CR 150) where TPWD has an access lease and float back to the State Park about 7.5 miles. If you want a longer float you could put in at US 377 1st Crossing which would make it a 12 mile float.

Junction's Website has a list of shuttle services. In the past I've used Fun in the Sun, but they have sold the business since I used them.
By TooShallow
We always put in at second crossing. Lots of parking here on side of 337. We paddle upstream to the Llano falls, about 3 miles and fish along the way. Large mouth, guadalupe and sunfish all along the way. If you've never been the falls you need to go. Really neat place and one of the best swimming holes in the State. You will have to pull up a few lesser falls before you get to the real deal. Need about a 15' rope on your kayak.
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