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By Earl
Date: November 2-4, 2018
Location: Eleven Point River, Missouri
Put In: Greer Springs Crossing
Take Out: Riverton East at Hwy 160
Distance: 23.0 miles
Attending: Earl Atnip, Dale Harris, Duane Heckelsberg
Outfitter Used: Eleven Point Canoe
Gage: At ~ 550 cfs
https://waterdata.usgs.gov/mo/nwis/uv/? ... 0065,00060

I was in need of some river and trout therapy so once again made the drive to this beautiful clear Ozark river. This trip just would not be the same without RAIN and we got enough. The fall colors were in full and some of the best I have seen in years. This time of year the crowds are gone and there is no pressure for campsites so I am able to take my time and fish all day. I like the saying, “Early To Bed-Early To Rise, Fish All Day-Make Up Lies”. Dale and I drove up Thursday evening and met Duane at the Greer Crossing campground. The next morning we unload at the ramp arranged our shuttle. We were on the water by 10am and I believe Duane struck first with fishing. The forecast was for a cool and overcast day with a chance of showers, perfect fishing weather.

Very quickly we all were spotting numerous bald eagles and I saw some otters also. It was not long before I started catching fish and we really just floated the river occasionally moving on to another hole to fish. There were 3 guys at the ramp putting on the river and Brian Sloss a local guide was out with clients and that was the extent of people for that day. By noon we had a cold rain and I had enough fish for dinner so we started to paddle on to find a place for camp. We found a really nice high and level spot on river right about 1.5 miles below Turner Mill. Each of us got setup and then started collecting firewood, all very wet but Duane managed to get it lit.

Saturday we were on the water by about 9:45 and again taking our time to fish for which I did very well. I was wade fishing a little stretch of fast water about 4pm and just upstream from a place I like to camp when I look up stream and there is a flotilla of more than a dozen kayaks and canoes coming my way. Wow, really did not expect that. They were a group from a paddling club out of Memphis. The last one paddled on by about 4:30 and they were headed to Boze Mill another hour downriver.

The rain started at about 4am Sunday and we packed up in it. I managed one really nice trout as we were launching with a family of otters barking at me as I waded in their part of the river. We made Riverton by 9:45am. Here are a few pictures of our trip.

Dale at put in

First of many rainbows

Great Fall colors

Dale and I trading picture taking

One of many Bald Eagles


Link to this report on my webpage
https://sites.google.com/site/earlatnip ... -point-nov

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