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By CopanoCruisin
We spent the last couple of weeks of 2018 in the RV. First week at Blanco State Park . Fished three times for the stocked rainbow trout in the Blanco River. We did pretty good, well good enough to eat fresh fish three nites. Other than that chilled out mostly cooking outdoors at the camp. We did pick up one fine pizza for lunch to enjoy with some brewskis at the Real Ale Brewing Co. The second week we moved over to Bastrop State Park. We went over to the stocked pond at Buesher State Park on afternoon, we did not catch anything, although the wind was cold and howling we only fished for about an hour. We did get to spend New Year's Eve on a Pub Crawl at the old downtown Bastrop, mucho good time. Our Lyft driver picked us up at the campsite and returned us there happy and safe. What a great vacation, although after a couple of weeks of it, now I can't get thinking of retirement off of my mind! ......cC

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