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By Bibila
I am planning to buy a new tool for camping and I am torn between an Axe and hatchet. I was reading this review https://www.toolazine.com/best-axes-hatchets-camping-backpacking-hiking-survival/ and thinking to buy an Estwing E44A hatchet or Estwing Special Edition E45ASE 26″ Camper’s Axe. :? Has anyone of you own and recommend this? Any suggestion is highly appreciated.
I used to carry a hatchet, but realized I never needed it. So started to carry Cold Steel Shovel. It has a sharpened edge for light chopping, but I find I use a shovel far more often. Digging a fire pit/cathole, clearing rocks for a tent sight, splashing water to extinguish a fire, etc. Far more useful tool than a hatchet, IMO.
I’m with Neumie on that thought, although it’s not what you asked, I started just carrying a folding (Sven) saw. If I couldn’t break it with my hands or cut it with the shovel I could saw it off. It’s come in handy on 4WD roads in the mountains with down limbs in the road.
But there is something about a nice hatchet that I like.

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