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By M Michael Meyer
I don't know if this is the correct forum. I apologize in advance if this is a "not so great" question. My wife and I are new to this addiction. I have a Malone MicroSport trailer which I am using to haul two Wilderness Systems Ride 115s in Malone Downloader J cradles. I am interested in modifying the trailer so I can also haul 4 - 6 rods and reels on the trailer and two kayak paddles on the trailer or on the roof carrier of the vehicler (2011 Toyota Rav4). Does anyone have a suggestion about the best way to do this?

Once again, if this is a dumb question I apologize. Also, if I need to move this to a different forum let me know. Thank you.
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By DumpTruck
Probably not the suggestion you're looking for, but I like to transport my rods and paddle inside the hull of my yak for longer drives. Keeps them protected and somewhat secure.
By hipshot
I can't afford high-end equipment, but I don't like to expose my reels to road grit and grime, and I don't want my rods chipped and cracked by gravel and road debris. I lost a fly rod once when a rock thrown by a tire hit my rod while I was pedaling a bicycle down the road; the rod collapsed while casting as soon as I got to the bay. I'm always amazed when I see guys driving down the highway with a bunch of rods standing tall in the rod holders on their boats. Make a PVC rod tube with a screwed cap on one end, or carry them inside the vehicle.
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By richg99
A lot depends on the vehicle that you have. I prefer EVERYTHING to be inside of my van, including the kayak! Certainly, not everyone can do that. I bought the Mini X just so I could transport the yak without a trailer.

However, for the last 20 years or so, whenever I had a long enough vehicle, I put my fishing rods INSIDE of the van by adding a clothes rod and a bungee. Through a half dozen different vehicles ( Suburbans; Tahoes: Expedition: and two or three vans, ) I've been able to work that out.

I have a VERY understanding wife, who humors me with my rods inside of my van 24/7. Of course, she has her own little car, and doesn't use the van, except when we go out together.

These days, I ALWAYS take my paddle(s) apart after yakking. They stow easily on the side of rear luggage storage area of pretty much any vehicle, I'd think. I'ver read about people who don't EVER take their paddles apart, and, when they finally have to do so, the d@$% thing WON'T come apart at all.

Hope these pictures are self explanatory.

regards, richg99

p.s. the extra bungee cords hold the rod(s) from sliding forward or back. Took me a year or two to get that right.



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By Fishtolive
Just like Rich99 said.
Go to Walmart buy 2 cloth bars in the car section and hang them inside the car. Then slide all rods above the bars and hold the rods down with bungee cords preventing them from sliding.
http://i5.walmartimages.com/dfw/dce07b8 ... 1d8.v1.jpg
Only $10 each.
That way, the rods will be inside the car and above your head. No chance of damage or be stolen.
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By jackinayak
You might also try two or three PVC pipes, they can be different sizes and lengths and there might be less chance of damage from rods jamming together. Carrying 7' rods inside a Rav 4 might be problematic unless you bend them around the interior a couple times :lol: .
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By Rockclimber
Rods are easy, take the reels off, bundle them together and hang then off the clothes hooks on the driver's side. My longest rod is 7', they just fit under my visor and are out of the way for everybody.

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