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By jakehardgrave
Going on a Scuba trip to the British Virgin Islands next week, I had hoped to find a Bonefish guide, but my efforts were fruitless. Unless any of you have a BVI guide connection, Im now planning on going in on my own!

Any bonefishers here with their biggest piece of advice is appreciated!
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By TexasJim
The BVI's are surrounded by very deep water. No "flats" for bonefish angling. The only exception is the island called Anegada and it's surrounding reefs. It's more like the Bahamas than the BVI's. It's about 12 miles north of Virgin Gorda. You might contact The Bitter End in Virgin Gorda and see if they run fishing charters up there. They do SCUBA trips lots of places. If not, check with BVI Tourism Department and see if they can help.

If you get up to the Bitter End, wave at Richard Branson, if he's at home on Necker Island.

I lived in the Virgin Islands 25 years, and never made it up to Anegada.

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By jakehardgrave

Sorry it took so long to reply. I ended up hiring a guide on Beef island near Tortola where there was a small flat holding some bonefish. We saw and casted to several schools, but nothing seemed interested.

The scuba diving was great though, and we stopped at Sabo rock where we could see Bitter End.

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