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By Buckeev
Time to replace my ride. :mrgreen:
Houston area...Considering Ford F150 and Ram 1500..possibly Chevy also...

2017...Crew Cab...Gas...Probably 2WD...XLT trim category or higher...
Usually a Ford guy, but seems to me they've jacked their prices up more than the other guys. Drove a Dodge (Laramie Longhorn) yesterday, and was pretty impressed.


By Tombo
Last year we did the same thing. Looked at four brand. Toyota, Chevrolet, Ford and Ram trucks.
Toyota, very dependable but its been a while since they updated in 2007.
Dodge/Ram, seems to be the lowest price, but its owned by Fiat and I had terrible service from a Dodge Dakota in 2000. That being said a good friend of mine always buys Ram trucks for his business, he puts in 40,000 plus a year on his vehicles.
Chevrolet is also somewhat dated but had the best ride.
The F150 is the latest and greatest from the ground up. It fit me the best. An aluminum body provides better corrosion resistance on the coast. Aluminum also makes for a lighter and sound absorbing material.
Can't comment on the Nissan, the next generation was not available when we were buying.

Go to Ford.com and shop. Enter different zip codes, build your vehicle and search dealer inventories. Get a price online or maybe look at the sale prices.
Also, never go alone. Its better to have a second party keeping us focused.
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