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By coachlars
What do you do with them if you're staying overnight at a hotel? Do you leave them on the rack in your truck locked up? Or do you take them into the room (might be the safest route, but would eat up all the room)? Any ideas are appreciated.
By Coasting thru
I typically lock them to the truck rack or trailer, park as close to the front door as possible, or a well lit area, and try to be a little more deliberate about what part of town I stay in. I always take all rods in the room and lock everything else in the cab of the truck. Hope this helps...
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By crusher
i only traveled once overnighting at a hotel on the highway and I left them strapped on the car. Like the previous poster, I parked in a lit area and also backed in to a spot that would have made taking them off pretty noisy and clunky. Also used a steel wire bike lock through scupper holes onto one of the roof racks. This would have at least make it a bit difficult and maybe noisy to steal it, or at least I convinced myself of that. With wife and 2 kids in the room, the kayaks just weren't finding a spot in the room. Also, it was in a relatively decent highway place - not an overly shady part of town or really low budget neighborhood. The steel bike lock was what let me sleep. I've read about some thefts from hotels though.
By Tombo
The only sure fire security is find a hotel on the ground level where you can drag your gear in the room. Another type of security is some sort of noise maker, battery powered that sits in your kayak and when moved lets off a loud noise attracting attention.
Nothing says steal me like a fisherman parked in a hotel lot.
By The Angler
I use cablelocks from Masterlock through the scuppers. As mentioned above, well lit areas close to the clerk. Look for security cameras and park in view of them. Try and coordinate where your room will be with the clerk and get a room where you can watch your stuff from your window. Find a hotel with a security guard,and give him a tip to keep an eye on your stuff.
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