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By screwston420
im just going to copy and paste my facebook status so here it goes sry for no punctuation i get in a hurry when im excited lmao

"I'm thinking about taking the family on a little trip but I can't decide I know I want to fish wherever I go and probably take the kayak with us LOL I'm thinking either head towards Port St Lucie and Stuart in Florida I've never been to Florida I know the fishing is amazing and I know my cousins can show me how to get it done, he regularly puts friends on goliath grouper and tarpon and snook.... so basically Florida has my favorite cousins and some of my favorite family members in general lmao or should we stay in Texas and go down to South Padre Island, Port Mansfield, Port O'Connor, Aransas Pass, Rockport Matagorda Bay and PINS Padre Island National Seashore all that shit which is world famous for fishing... and go during spring break cuz well you know... boobs. I don't know I'm leaning more towards Florida just cuz I know it'll be a better time. Plus Florida is probably a little more kid friendly I'm open to other places don't really want to go to Michigan this time of year would rather go in the summer so that's out don't bother mentioning it... then in a couple months I think my mom is planning on taking us all to either Grand Cayman, Jamaica or the Bahamas but after watching MDLR's youtube videos from his recent panama trip i may have to make that suggestion. so yeah I'm afraid if I go to Florida I won't want to leave though... afterall... i came to visit my mom in 2003 after she moved down here from michigan and left me with my dad at 18 ... came to visit and never left lol any suggestions would be greatly appreciated... i take TKF members opinions and info in the highest regards when it comes to fish and kayak fishing.

should probably mention it will be me, my wife and our 3 daughters... 11, 7 and 2 1/2 yrs old
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