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By Reefmonkey
Anyone been out there during Christmas break or Spring Break?

My wife, daughter and I'd be driving straight through from Houston (did similar drive to Big Bend a few years ago, so know we have the endurance) and car camping. My big concern is driving all the way out there, and given the fact that they don't take reservations and campsites are firs-come-first-served, we might get there and not have any place to pitch our tent. We'd be either going the week between Christmas and New Years, or next Spring Break. Anyone know how hard it is to get a campsite at those times?
By texnomad
Usually very difficult unless you get there a day or two early for Pine Springs camping. Dog Canyon is usually almost as bad, but along the road to Dog Canyon is National Forest land with lots of free boondocking areas. Check for BLM land around the area. Several places with legal public camping.
By texnomad
Highway 285 between Pecos and Carlsbad is a wretched road with all the oil field traffic these days. Personally for the last few years I choose a different way than fight the big high speed truck traffic on 285. The road from Van Horn is scenic and good moving road to get to Pine Springs Campground. For the last 11 years I have pulled my home through there about twice a year. In fact I may be through there again next week.
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