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By robjm09
Anyone up to do some kayak fishing tomorrow in the 210 area? Wanting to stay within the 1604 loop and probably a smaller body of water since people will be out full force for Easter. Open for suggestions on places to launch. I'll probably stay out until mid-afternoon.
Had a great day on the water. Something came up, so couldn't go fishing Saturday the 15th but ended up going on Easter the 16th. Thought every place was going to be packed, which most of the big lakes were packed. I found a pond that had people but mostly bank fisherman. At one point, I was the only kayaker out there fishing. Caught a total of 4 bass but all quality bass. A 4 lb, a 3lb, and 2 that were close to 2 lbs. Lost one that could've easily been my PB. Probably a +6lb. He hit my lure as it was close to my yak, kind of like a topwater hit, but I was using a weighted texas rig soft plastic. Once he hit, it was on. I thought I set the hook at this point. He made a run around a few stumps and logs with drag peeling, so I tried to get my net ready and adjust my drag. As I'm fumbling for the net, I think slack got in the line when he was wrapped around the stump and he was gone when I tried to reel in. I should've just reeled in and grabbed him. First time I lost a fish because it went around stumps. Needless to say, I learned from my mistake.
What pond? I was in SA this weekend visiting family and hit up Earl Scott pond- no kayak, and caught a few- biggest was 3.2 lbs.

I am looking for a place to take my yak, when I go to SA for a quick trip, and I am curious where you ended up on Easter.

Both are 13 foot, don't know the year.

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