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By GatorSnatcher
Everywhere but where I was Saturday in Powderhorn lake. Winds were blowing 22mph at noon when my buddy and I launched from the FM1289 bridge. Water temperature by my butt thermometer was awfully cold. Bait was everywhere in the bayou but nothing seemed to be actively feeding. We did encounter a small gator in the water which surprised me most because air temp was 60 degrees. He seemed lethargic as I was on top of him before moved. We fished the schools of mullet with new penny gulp shrimp under a popping cork hoping a predator would be nearby. We came upon some birds working and landing in the water only to realize it was due to a wind break and a very shallow flat that allowed them to gather. Not one bite was to be had this day until on the paddle in I decided to toss out a redfish magic spinner with some chicken chit applied trolled behind me. One good bite on it after about 5 minutes of trolling but I was unable to get the rod in time to set the hook due to fighting the wind. All in all it was a fun trip despite the lack of catching. Next time I suppose!

Kayak is SPF. Thanks!

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