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Nueces whites

PostPosted:Mon Feb 15, 2016 11:22 am
by Yakin Teacher
2/7 - fishing was a bit slow after the front. Ended up with 30 between my father and son and I. White grub roadrunners worked well as did smaller rattletraps. Launched from the 281 Airport launch and paddled upstream. Lots of yaks and john boats as well in the rapids.

2/13 - fish bite was ON!!!! We found minnows in three rivers and that made all the difference. Ended up with 3 limits (3 fishermen ..... to all law enforcement reading :D ) and then just started having fun. catch and release about 80 more fish. SO MUCH FUN on an ultra light!!!! Still some bigger males and females, but lots of little dinks as well. One of the old salts up in the rapids says that once the little ones start showing up, it is almost over. Not sure as this is our first year to be on the run in the nueces.

Most everybody was catching fish in pools, right before a set of rapids, and right after the rapids. You could almost pick the white bass up out of the rapids they were running so well. It was pretty cool to watch. 8)