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By UTGuy
On Sunday, I went out to Pierce Marsh with my dad and sister. We launched from Louis’ at about 6 am. The tide was high and outgoing and the wind was light.

It was my dad’s first kayak trip and we mostly fished around the canals and railroad bridge until about 9 am when my dad was tired and ready to call it a day. There was a lot of bait in the canals under the lights but no fish to be had. He seemed to have fun and probably would have stayed longer had the fish been biting (the only thing biting were the mosquitoes!).

I helped my sister load their kayaks onto her truck and then went back out for a couple more hours. I tried several different areas and left at around 1 pm with 1 16 inch trout caught on a black/chart paddle tail.

There were many kayakers out that day (more than I have ever seen there) and I didn’t really see or hear anyone having any luck. I still had a lot of fun fishing with my dad and sister and enjoyed fish tacos for dinner. Unfortunately I forgot to take any pictures.
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By Dandydon
I second what my buddy Kickingback said. Thanks for your fishing report despite the slow conditions. Next time you'll be reporting some catches!

You must be a recent U.T. graduate, which I applaud. My 4 years of law school there were a blast. Sixth Street was just cranking up, and the music scene was on fire. I somehow graduated second in my class while going to TOO many parties.

It's almost Springtime, people! Go fishing and tell us how you did.

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By Dandydon
Whoops! Now I remember that law school was only THREE years, hello. My bad!

Blame all those parties!Image

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By Dandydon
Shoffer and I are Burnt Orange and we welcome all Longhorns. You're invited to yak-fish with us if you can keep up.

But I wager you'll have fun and learn a bunch.

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