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By mwatson71
If any of you decide to fish Sea Isle in the next few days, you may notice a funny smell down there. It is my skunk from last night. Apologies.

Fished from about 130 to 5a and only managed a couple of very soft bites. I could see a few large trout in the lights but could not get them to bite. I threw my tried and true greenback Vudu shad, two different tandem rigs, a suspending Yo-zuri, and a new penny Gulp! There was little wind and almost no current after about 1:45a. I could see the trout follow the Yo-zuri but never even make an attempt at biting. A couple of bites on the Vudu and maybe one of two on the glow tandem rig.

My son managed an undersized flounder on a Vudu shad.

The two guys who were leaving as we arrived caught two trout and two flounder on live shrimp fishing from 8p-1a.

That is all.
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By YakRunabout
Hmmm - I just looked at the tide info - a strong incoming of around a foot, bite info - a big bite window due to the big moon overhead within your time window, even the tidal coefficient was high! Water is warm to make those fish active. Shoulda been a good night. Don't know what may have happened!

I'm just glad that this storm system came through so strong this evening so maybe that smell will not get up here on the north side!!
By mwatson71
I know, every indication was that it would have been a great outing. I was soooooo looking forward to a night full of hook sets. Such a let down. I was tempted as I went over the causeway to just stop there and shave a half hour off of the drive but was worried the current would be too strong. Should have stayed at the causeway.
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By YakRunabout
I was going to mention in my first note that you chose a good location - my thinking based on the size of the tide. I believe it was over a foot at Jamaica - So the tide at the causeway would be even bigger, maybe more than you would want to deal with. I bet the south side of Tiki would also have had a pretty strong flow at the peak!

You'll get 'em next time!
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