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By stangfisher
Once again I found myself fishing lighthouse lake #3, this time with my beautiful, wonderful, fishaholic wife. A gold spoon on her pole, and a gold spoon on mine...if it aint broke don't fix it. Tuesday morning we got on the water just after sunrise. We didn't even have to row to get back to the open area of the lake due to the current ripping through the cut and pushing into the lake. Regardless of all the incoming water it was still pretty shallow. We worked our way to some of the potholes and guts along the wind blocked shoreline. A few cast over the potholes with that gold spoon landed a 22" red. So we anchored up there about 50 yards apart and just hung out. Another first for me occurred. My wife freaked out yelling at me because she saw a very large disturbance in the water behind her. I told her to cast into it to see what would happen. She was casting into the wind and having a hard time. After her third cast she finally landed very close to the school. NO STRIKE??? These schools kept hanging around us and for the life of me I couldn't get a hook up either. Then I hear drag ripping out a from her reel. After a few minutes...an 18" black drum appear and she is giddy as ever. I'm perplexed. Black drum on a gold spoon. I'd been retrieving at "red speed". I slowed my retrieve waaaay down and I finally hooked up. Really wished we would have had some dead shrimp. We would have limited out. Couldn't get anymore to take the spoon. tried a few other soft plastics, but no luck, so I gave up on them. A few minutes after that excitement I hear her freaking out again. While eating her yogurt she left her spoon sitting on the bottom about 30ft in front of her. She caught an 19" flounder. We ended the day with 2 reds, 2 drum, and a flounder. These are the first keepers she has caught from a kayak in 9 years. She's hooked once again.
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By Chubs
Awesome! Curious if you use the spoon with the single hook and weedgaurd, or the treble hook type?

Also do you know the size/ weight?

I'm going to try spoons again, never had much luck with them inshore (the treble type is great on the jetties for me though)
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By FingerMullet
Nice stringer! I’m taking my older brother out to Lighthouse tomorrow morning. It’s his first time kayak fishing. Hopefully he’ll catch one or two to get him hooked on this sport!!

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Nice man! That was a big king in the yak.

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