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I had been wanting to get me a pilothouse boat for a while.,
After looking at all the options out there I realized that I could
Not and did not had 50-60k to spend on such boat.
Started to look for a decent used boat ,I learned they are extreamly
Hard to find specialy in Texas.
Finally one morning first thing I see when opening craigslist was
A 1979 C hawk 222 that to this date it is still in production without
Any modifications and its a boat with very high reviews among
Pilothouse owners.
Decided to take on the project ,full restore if I could get it for the
Right price. Sure enough ,I ended up picking up the boat in
Palacios Texas on Sept of 2015 ,at soon as I arrived to Laredo the restoration
began. And here is the tale on how it went and how its still going....
at this point the stringers have been encapsulated with 2 layers of 1708 and vinyl ester resin ,new epoxy coated tank has been installed, and ready for new floor placement along with some floatation, all this process took about 2 month.
the work involved in the removal of the bottom paint was brutal !
after that application of an epoxy primer was done, follow by 2 multi marine epifanes primer and 2 coats of epifanes urethane paint

before and after pics................
ok ,, all pictures above are from sept to jan 8 2016. stay tune for some more pics of the process, next
finishing deck and cuddy, follow by finishing and painting top sides and last the fun of rigging !! all new electronics
,accessories, and a Merc 200 horse 2 stroke.
Tombo wrote:Everything you have done has been top notch over your years on TKF.
Curious why the Merc 2 stroke? Opti Max?

hello guys thanks for the nice comments.

Tombo . it is a 2 stroke carburated merc 1999 year model.
I found it in great shape .

I really wanted a 4 stroke but they are hard to come by at a decent price.

the advantage of this merc is that is the same weight as a 150 4stroke
well is been crazy but moving on.
I applied the fiberglass on the floor.
one layer of 1708 with vinyl ester followed
by one layer of choped strand mat also vinyl ester.
results are bomb proof floor!

after that I installed the rub rail , some Ss grab rails
abd the mail rail.

I started to play with the new console design since the old
one was just to simple .

picture of old cosole and picture of new design

image[1] (5).jpg
old console
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after I was happy with the design I proceeded to
apply the fiberglass and fairing donde with filler,
also fiberglassed in place
it starting to look good IAm very exited maybe 2 more weeks and
it will be ready
here Are some pics of rub rail and stuff
rod holders
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