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By karstopo
She really is a lover of fishing and not just catching. She hangs in there for the long haul and works an idea. I’ve seen her fish all day and stay with it long after even her dad, that would be me, tires out. She’s liked fishing since she was six or seven. I feel like she deserves, if anyone ever deserves a fish, a nice bass like that with everything that’s she’s been through in her young life (won’t get into all that). A nice fish is a gift. I’m glad she got it.
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By kickingback
Let her know that we all think she has talent and are glad she is doing what makes her happy! Tell her to not worry about teenage stuff. It will be gone at 20!
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By karstopo
imaoldmanyoungsalt wrote:Hey Karst, I'm curious if she entered it in the sharelunker program?

No she released the fish, evidently unharmed. Don't they have to be 13 pounds or so for the sharelunker deal? This Bass went 9 pounds on a Boga.
By imaoldmanyoungsalt
They revamped the program this year - 8 lbs to 13 lbs gets some kinda gift/award package I think and you just put info and register it on their website

13+ still required for donation and free mount

Also it looks like the online registration for 8 - 13 lbs requires some photos of measurements being taken and possibly also sending in some scale samples
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