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By rattlesnake68
Hello all. I trying to figure out some viable options for getting out into the Gulf near Aransas Pass or Corpus Christie area when the surf is rough, but the seas are doable. I fish from a Hobie TI and I'm not a rookie. I live in Oklahoma so my research is restricted to online information. I noticed on Google Earth that there is a public ramp 2.56 miles from the entrance to Aransas Pass. Is that a viable plan and is there rigs within a couple of miles of the entrance? 2.56 miles to the surf line bites but sometimes I don't want to risk my Hobie in the surf. Second option that I saw on Google Earth is Packery Channel boat ramp at only 1 mile to the entrance at the Gulf and 84 yards wide so it's not a narrow shoot like Rollover Pass. I really like the looks of the second option. Is the packery channel to the Gulf a viable option for a hobie TI, or is there something I'm not seeing on Google Earth, IE low power lines or dangerous structure just under the surface? Thank you for any info or suggestions that you all can provide.
By T3_fishing
Packary is narrow so the current is rough especially during changing of the tides. Port A is a wider channel but a lot of commercial traffic. Just off the beach and south of port A channel are a group of three rigs that I use to fish from motorboat. Let me know when you are coming down again with TI. I have been looking for another island owner to double up with for the gulf.
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By rattlesnake68
Thanks for the information. I wish I could make it down before the Kings head south, but with the sea conditions and my commitments, just not sure if I'm going to be able to pull it off. I had planned on coming down this coming weekend but I saw the sea forecast called for 5 foot seas and a warning for small water craft.
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By Earl
I too was planning a trip down. The forecast was looking good but now has gone south. I was headed to PINS but think I will just find something to get into around the house or chase a few stripers on Texoma.
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By Bwells
Packery is pretty much your only option if you want to fish platforms within a reasonable distance. You can launch at the ramp in Port A but the Jetties and ships are really your only options there. Or you can head south and shoot out the Mansfield cut....but you better pack a lunch....and have your stuff strapped down. That cut can make Packery seem tame when the wind is up.
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By rattlesnake68
Thanks Bwells and Earl. Earl If I knew how to chase those striper in Texoma I'd be there also. I've gone twice now, once in a paddle kayak and once in a bass boat. Got skunked both trips. I'm tempted to take my Hobie TI down to Texoma, but realistically, I SUCK at striper fishing.

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