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By beekeeper
A few of us are considering doing a trip on the Colorado next Friday, putting in at Weberville, and taking out hwy 969 bridge. The river at Bastrop, is showing 1860 cf/s. Help! Give us a little coaching, please. How is that volume of flow to navigate, how are the camping sites, and is 2 nights on the river in that stretch a good fit.
By junkyard chihuahua
That flow rate is a function of the rain we just had. Unless it rains a lot more, it will probably drop to a few hundred cubes by next week. That would make for a leisurely trip. The camp sites I have seen were nice. The guys at Cooks Canoes in Webberville used to do a little work on some of the islands that people frequently camp. Not sure if they still do.

These pages may be useful.

https://www.lcra.org/parks/Documents/20 ... -Guide.pdf

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By Earl
At current river level you should be good for camping on the large island just near the Hyatt with sand for tents and maybe one spot to hang a hammock. There is usually plenty of wood for a fire too.

I am assuming the recent gage spike at the Austin gage was rain and not a release. In any case tie off your kayak/canoe to your tent or big toe just in case.

Have fun
By SWFinatic
OP I know from crossing the river in Austin every day it's pretty low and like the data shows it's not moving very fast. There will be lots of areas you'll have to drag your kayaks across a river rock bar or sand bar. Sounds like fun tho!

Weather guessers are saying next front (after Wednesday strong front) is next Tuesdayish (Nov 5th).
By beekeeper
Had a great trip. We were the only yakkers on the stretch from Webberville, to hwy 969 bridge. There was plenty of flow and we made very few short drags.
By beekeeper
Our highlight of the trip was seeing a bald eagle. I had never seen one before in the wild. We saw plenty of duck and deer, and we were serenaded by owls and a few coyotes.
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