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By bones72
Here's to hoping the site continues. I am committed to posting more if it does. I hate Facebook and YouTube and hope we can continue to meet here and share ideas. I don't own a yak and don't know a ton about them but do know a bit about flyfishing and tying.

In that vein let me know what ya'll think about these. They are on a TMC heavy wire 1X short scud hook in #8. As the original Rio Getter is tied on a B10s I figured these would be alright since there is added shank and hook length to a B10s. I think these would approximate the original in about a #10 or larger #12.

Rio Getters.jpg
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By Ron Mc
cichlids will eat anything they can get in their small mouth, especially a male defending a redd.
They have a massive buccal cavity - that's where they keep their hatched fry.

The thing is, fishing for cichlids with small flies will also catch you small sunfish, but probably won't catch you a river bass.
I'll still be fishing my size 8 cats whisker, which has caught every warmwater fish I've ever shown on any forum (+ big rainbows, pike, gar, catfish...)

Fly tying has its place, but in many ways, it's separate from fly fishing - very often, something to do when you're not fishing.

Other things to promote on the forum - stealth - big fish are not smart, big fish are cowards.
And gear is s good to talk about - we can do it here without the hype of a 20-something package store saleskid, or the Snow Job of N+1 internet marketing.
Outsiders will have preconceived ideas about fly fishing and fly fishermen. We need to replace those with practical ideas.

Photo essays are the stuff that makes internet bulletin boards - people have the choice of reading or just looking at the pictures.
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By Kayak buddy
This will work good for Rios, but my biggest surprise was a #4 redfish crack fly and rios, the shock was when I caught my biggest one on a 1/0 worm hook flyImageImage

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By bones72
Oh yes stealth is key and is all part of the presentation which is one of the most important things to fly fishing.
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