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By Neumie
Four years ago I started collecting vintage Texas made saltwater lures; Bingo, Humps, Sportsman, and Nichols mainly. Anyways , I finally put together my first display case. This one is comprised of Bingo Plugging Shorty Shrimp in their three different sizes of 10 colors from a 1950's advertisement. I'm still missing a few colors in some of the sizes, but it was time to put the case together.


As an added bonus, I custom built the display case in oak. The mitered corners were reinforced with mesquite splines for strength and contrast. I also splurged for museum glass for its anti-glare characteristics.

Anyone else collect old Texas made lures?
Ron Mc wrote:I fished so many Pico perch as a kid, that I wish I had now. Also used to troll the Pico Texas trailer, though I'd use a white-bass-marked Bomber in front with the Shyster spinner behind.

Man I haven't heard of pico perch in decades. My grandpaw loved to fish with pico's (when he wasn't using minnows). It what I caught my first bass on.
Here's the old root-beer/redhead BINGO that hooked me on saltwater fishing!

Back about 1965 my Dad took me and brother Steve to the famous Texas City Dike. First time there, so we drove about 3/4 of its length and started fishing blindly but with youthful hope.

The left side was calmer, so I started casting my new Bingo as far as possible toward the seagulls sitting out on the water. Third cast, BAM! It felt big and was somehow doing that "shake..." My Dad said "we don't have all day" because I was babying the fish, paranoid to lose my first speckled trout!

My brother slid down some rocks and netted my 21" beauty. I think we all remember our first, right? The realization I could catch gamefish on lures propelled me into a lifetime obsession with fishing.
The kayaking part kicked in about 1990.

I bet I could fish that Bingo this weekend and catch more fish. But it remains precious to me along with the fishing to come.


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