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I believe this is my first post so here goes...

I’m looking to paddle the Lower Guadalupe (or Comal) this weekend near New Braunfels with a friend and my brother in law. I’ve been once before where we had limited success, we launched directly under I-35 in New Braunfels and went East (did not go far).

Does anyone here have experience on the lower guad or Comal? If so, does anyone have any ideas/recommendations on where to park, put in and put out? We’ll have multiple trucks so we can park one downstream where we want to get out.

I know I can put in under I-35, so I guess more specifically I’m looking for places to park and pull the kayaks out somewhere between there and the other end of Dunlap. Anyone know any spots?

Also considering fishing along the Comal near Landa Park, I believe we can park/launch at Landa Park but it doesn’t look like I’ll have much river to work with. Any thoughts/experiences/ideas on the a Comal would also be appreciated!

If you know of any other good spots in the New Braunfels/Gruene area that aren’t too difficult to get to or paddle and have decent fishing, we’re wide open to suggestions.

Thanks guys,

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Lake Dunlap (really it's the Guadalupe River after the dam failure) is at I35 and Schuman's Ramp (N 29.671411°, W98.069453°). I'm not sure if Schuman's ramp is open since the failure.

I've never fished in the city proper, but one spot I've had my eye on launching from is Cypress Bend Park. It's on the Guadalupe just above the confluence of it and the Comal, so you can fish both rivers. Also, I would check to see if paddle craft are allowed to launch and fish the Comal within Landa Park.
Thought I responded but guess it didn’t post. Thanks for the ideas Josh, we ended up launching off Klingemann and going downstream towards Landa. The river was crawling with big bass but we couldn’t get them to bite anything, threw pretty much everything we had at them. Poured down cold rain for 20 mins about 30 mins into the paddle lol. You were right about Landa, we got downstream to there and saw a cable across the river with signs all over it saying not to enter. They only allow rentals on the water there. If someone can figure out what they’ll bite upstream though they can have quite a day there so I plan on giving it another shot. I’ll probably launch at Cypress Bend Park and give that Comal/Guad combo a shot before going back though.

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When I fish hill country rivers this are the lures I use for fishing ultra clear waters:

Bass Pro Hellgrammite in Black/Red Flake
Bass Pro Wacky Stik-O in Watermelon/Red Flake (really nice wobble when rigged weightless)
Zman Finesse Frog in Mud Minnow
Strike King 1.0 KVD Silent Square BIll in Clearwater Minnow and Natural Bream
H2O Express Ultimate Jointed Sunfish in Live Redear

So I throw finesse or natural looking baits.
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