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Between managing 30 faculty members trying to convert classes to online and the nonstop winds, I haven't even laid eyes on the beach yet. I think physically I'm ready when a window presents itself, so stay tuned...
I did find my way into the shallows this morning. Caught 12 reds on fly and another 7 on a Spook Jr. so it was busy and fun, but not quite offshore. When you creep to within 20 feet of good redfish in less than a foot of water, turning around and fiddling with a camera is a good way to spook the fish before you can get a lure to it.

Video is much easier offshore, and I'm looking forward to getting out there when the winds finally ease up and allow the surf to lay down. One of my goals this year is to video catching kings on a flyrod. I've got the gear for it, and I know where to make it happen. Just need the weather to cooperate.

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