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By Killerbee
Just got a new shark reel and my guy at sniper rods is building me a rod to put it on!

I am ready to start looking for a big tiger! I think that I will stick with the 40lb bullbuster Mono that I have been using on my avet Lx. Anyone have any suggestions?

Anyone caught a big tiger from a yak?
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By Killerbee
Oh yeah; I have a big hammer and a big bull so now I want a big tiger. I will be happy to repeat the formers as well. I love big sharks from a yak!
I think that I am going to up to 50lb bullbuster Mono though? Not worried about getting spooled on a yak but my avet lxw was a lil on the light side last go round. You are welcome to tag along any time!
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By Killerbee
I am going to concentrate more on and around the 3rd and 4th sandbars with big baits this year instead of going to the rigs all the time. Last year at pins I had something humongous hit a small black tip and basically cut him in half. That was right past the third sandbar from a yak.
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By Killerbee
The last go-round I had with a really big shark was the bull that Kim and I had on. The line gave way at the swivel. I should have known better, this year I will step my game up to some thimbells and some heavier duty swivels as well as some heavy shock leader. It cost me getting good shots of that shark for you guys to see. It was the biggest bull shark I've ever seen in my life. I want to make sure I'm prepared this year. If anyone has any advice I am all ears. Thanks guys!
By impulse
Why mono? You can step up to 65 or 80# braid and put even more on your reel.

To be fair, I'm not a huge fan of braid because it seems to tangle easier and it's much harder to clear a backlash. But that's not really a concern when bait fishing for sharks, is it?

And a reminder that the rules against using stainless hooks for sharks came to Texas last year. Bummer, because I have literally hundreds of pounds of big stainless hooks that I imported to make shark leaders...
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By Killerbee
Never have liked braid I use it on some of my fresh water setups but for my larger reels I like Mono especially in a yak. I don't think a shark is going to spool me in a yak in less than 60ft of water so Mono should work well I would think.
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