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By Chubs
So my family is isolating up at my parents during this pandemic pandemonium (free babysitting).

Their house is close by Canyon Lake, and since we are working from home with no commute, why not take advantage of the fishing opportunities!

The last 2 weeks we fished out of my dad's boat up the river. We caught 2 white bass on 2 outings. Nothing to write home about.

Yesterday we decided it was time to bust out the kayaks. My dad took his kayak, and I took my inflatable with my son sitting up front. The tpwd report noted that black bass were near the Creek beds in shallow water (spawn prep), so we decided to launch from boat ramp 23 and explore that area.

We did a bit of paddling tossing out road runners, spinner blades, roster tails, and z-man trd. I caught a 15" after a bit up shallow on the trd. Awesome! I've had that trd rig for about half a year. If you aren't familiar with the bait, it's made of elastic so it floats in the water without weight. And it wiggles and jiggles like crazy. A great bait. Also, since it's made of elastic it is super durable, thus the half year. I've caught probably 50 fish with that lure. It's my lucky lure!

I went on that diatribe to say, right after I landed the bass and went for the next cast, my lucky lure zinged of the knot and went plop somewhere in the distance. I guess the luck ran out :(


Fortunately my fish catching luck didn't run out with it. I ended up landing 1 more bass who was a throwback, and 2 missed hookups on some other big bass. And finally as I was trolling back home in the evening I randomly hooked into a slab 13" crappie. Nice!

My dad actually did better than me. He caught 2 keeper bass, 1 bigger than mine, a few throw backs, and 2 brim.

I could get used to this quarantine stuff :). .... Ok maybe not.

Sorry to the anti keep bass crowd, yes we kept 3 if the keepers and the big crappie. Also sorry for the sideways pics, I'll try to figure out how to fix them later.
By SWFinatic
Thanks for the report. Sounds like a good opportunity to fish. Nothing wrong with keeping a few bass. I hear that lake has some good size cats too. Water temp is perfect for that.
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By kickingback
Great report Chubs! Thanks for sharing! Love the pics with it too. Glad you got out and had fun and caught a few good ones! Well done! :clap:
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