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By bones72
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Ya'll may have seen her before on the boat building page its Striper II. She is sleek and fast. Tried her out on Lake Proctor and fell in love. I'd say she is comparable to the Hobie Revo 13 I tried out a few weeks back but a little more stable. 28 in beam by 15 long weighing 72 lbs without drive and custom cooler 80 lbs without those items added. She is rigged out to fish and is a trolling machine. I cant wait to try her out under some dock light down on the coast once I add some lights to her. Will be perfect for the fishing I do around here and as shuttle up the Lampasas next spring.
By bones72
No lower deck on Striper II but there is a large stern well if I remove the cooler which is pretty easy; just two bungy connections. With it removed I can put in a bait tank and smaller cooler for fish. Also has plenty of room in the bow hatch for stuff. On a bigger/deeper river she'd make a good overnighter vessel.

Your buddy's boat looks pretty fast and wind slippery.

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