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By YakRunabout
We went there to do more than see the Gulf of Mexico. Of course, we were fishing. And doing some exploring. It was a warm day, with a bit of wind from the SE – not too windy but enough to cut the heat when you had it. Water temp in the mid 80’s! The salinity moderate at the ICW but higher closer to the coast and in the old river channel to the SW.

There was bait and fish activity right from the start along the bank of the ICW. But nothing for us for a time. I finally landed a flounder in some moving water from the incoming tide further down the river. This was followed quickly by another in the same spot. Both were 14-15” range, but I let them go to get fatter. I continued exploring some in the old river channel and eventually toward the mouth but my explorations yielded no more fish. Lots of bait and mullet tho, as well as bird action.

Mike stayed back in the main channel catching fat trout under a popping cork while drifting back and forth with the current and wind.

I caught back up with him after my explorations and we drifted back north. Along the way we hit an area that looked good for flounder. And you know what – I get a nice thump, reel it in, finally coax it off bottom, and I have a nice 20” flounder in the boat. Now that is an energizing experience.

I soon get another thump, but this one runs. I saw a flash of silver and hoped it would be a trout, but up came a silvery red at about 17”. So I continued on trying to avoid hanging in the oysters and come up with another flounder at 16”.
We continued on for a time figuring there would be other fish on since the bait action was going crazy – mullet were jumping constantly and my jerk shad would cause small shrimp to jump when I retrieved it quickly on the surface! We tried several different offerings but the fish were done with us it seemed.

So, we finished up a beautiful day on the water, not overly active with catching fish but we each took dinner home. Then we got to drive through that heavy rain and lightning that came through town that evening – what a light show – plus a nice washing of the kayaks!

Enjoy your next outing!!
The big guy!
Say Aahhhh - big guy needs dental work!
The first flounder.
Nice job. I have been trying to find flounder lately and haven't had any luck with any in the keeper-sized range. I have been teaching my son and his friend how to fillet trout and reds and they want to do flounder next. So I guess I have to keep trying. :D
It was a beautiful day on the water. Ken landed 4 flounder and I managed to net 2 nice specs. The fish were there but you had to hunt them.
18 Inch Specs.jpg
Fat 18" Specs

Over the course of the next two hours I managed to miss 5 more specs. Could not figure out what I was doing wrong - at least 'till I got home. I did check my leader after every snag but did not pay enough attention to my hook. My bend hook next to what it should have looked like - see pic below - Rookie mistake! :shock:
Bent Hook.jpg
Bent Hook!

All in all it was a great day on the water!
PA Near Shallows.jpg
PA in Shallows 1/2 Mile from Pass
Michael - Yes, about filleting flounder - I have been doing that and it works out. I have not yet stuffed the flounder as many do.

Flounder fillets from 20" and 16"

Stuart - I cannot speak to the general productivity of this area since this was only my 3rd trip here. The first, several years ago, was when the river was closed to the gulf.
The other two were in the last 6 months or so with the river open. I much prefer fishing here with the river open, better water movement and mixing, lots of bait now, etc.
By mwatson71
YakRunabout wrote:Michael - Yes, about filleting flounder - I have been doing that and it works out. I have not yet stuffed the flounder as many do.


I used to only stuff flounder, then I started filleting them more this year, and I have also taken a liking to just gutting, scaling, scoring, dredging in a little corn flour, and pan frying. I found a great recipe for a Chinese sauce.

Asian fried flounder.jpg
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By Chubs
I do similar to Watson when I stuff flounder, except I leave the head on. gives a little more area to add stuffing, plus the head actually has some good meat on it. I also find it easier to leave the head on rather than chop it off.

Clip fins, Scale, Gut, cut along spine and fillet by following the rib bones but stop up to the edges.
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There are some small pin bones you can cut out along the spine area. If you miss them, though it's not a big deal as they are soft bones.

Then make your stuffing a stuff the stuffing into the pocket. I use leftover crawfish that I freeze from when I do a crawfish boils.

This is a bad example because it's the 1st stuffed flounder I ever did, so I ended up screwing up on the broil step to add a little browning to the top (ended up blackening it!!!). But it was still tasty.
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Gotta link Yaklash's recipe which is what I followed mostly (other than a few riffs if my own).

Not sure where he went... Haven't seen a Yaklash post in a year or 2 now...

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