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By DeeepSouth
Planning to make my 1st salt water kayak trip of the year this weekend and wanted to see if anyone was interested in linking up? I’m still very new to this sport so any other rookies are welcome! Haven’t decided on a location, but in the general Galveston area. Maybe the state park as I haven’t been there before and hear it’s a good place to learn. Will drive down real early and fish till mid afternoon on one of the two days. PM me if interested.

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By impulse
If you do decide on the State Park, check the entrance requirements before you make the ride. Recently, online reservations were required prior to showing up. Understandable, given the desire not to pack the place during Covid.

I'm not sure what the rules are today, or (more importantly) what they will be next weekend. In fact, state parks have just begun allowing limited camping, so it's best to check before the drive.

There are some great places to launch at the park. Follow the signs...
By DeeepSouth
Thanks for the tips!

Looks like you have to reserve your day pass online in advance to enter the park, no sales on site. Still no camping it appears. I tried to call but got a standard message with no option to talk to anyone or leave a message.

The gates don’t open until 7am. I am hoping to get on the water really early so I may just launch at Waterman’s and paddle instead of waiting on the park gates to open.

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By mwatson71
DeeepSouth wrote: I may just launch at Waterman’s and paddle instead of waiting on the park gates to open.

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I think that is a good idea. Looks like there will be a minor feed around 7a and a chance of rain starting around 10a. Get out early, catch your limits, and off the water by 9:30.
By DeeepSouth
Thanks for the tips guys! Michael Kelly was in need of a fishing partner as well so we met up at Waterman’s at daybreak.

It was hot and windy and slow to get started. The water looked pretty good to me color wise. I tried topwater early and then switched to a spoon, then a white spinner bait, then a gulp shrimp under a cork but was getting no bites. I

Paddled down to the very back (southern) end of oak bayou and switched to a gulp shrimp on an 1/8” oz jig head. I immediately Picked up two good sized croakers so I thought I might be onto something. From there I just let the wind push me on a long drift down the eastern bank’s grass line and I was able to pickup 2 good flounders. The 1st one being my personal best! (19”). There were a good number of kayak fisherman, waders, and shallow boat fisherman out there but I really didn’t see anyone catching much. After the tide finished moving I spent some time exploring and fishing around wind blown points hoping to pick up another bite but had no luck. Long peddle back into the wind, off the water around 3. Cleaned fish at Waterman’s then enjoyed a beer and a burger before heading home. My 4th attempt at saltwater kayak fishing and Feeling like I’m starting to figure a few things out. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

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By shoffer
Thanks for the good report. If you really want to have some fun, now that summertime is approaching, night fishing the lights is where is it at. Cooler, no one on the water, spooky calm, and you know where the fish are.

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