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Kayak fishing the Lone Star State...

By stangfisher
First kayak trip in 7 years. Finally got the new kayaks wet. Fished lighthouse lakes Saturday morning. Was a little breezy but not too bad once you got into the mangroves. Water was very clear, which can be a bad thing. Found some slightly cloudy green water in a deeper cut in lake #3 that had a nice current moving through it. Hooked my first keeper red from a kayak in 7 years. May never go back to a power boat. Thick 21" red on a pumpkin seed chartreuse shad. That was the only keeper for my wife and I but we are hooked once again on kayak fishing. Caught a few more rat reds and hooked a nice trout...that got away after a few seconds of a fun fight. We'll get it next time.
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By Johnny5455
Good job! I too just recently got back in the yak after only taking it out twice in two years. Thanks for the report.

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By Wag
Such a beautiful area for fish, fishermen and fisherwomen! Glad you're back. Thanks for the report!
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