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By karstopo
Low water greeted me back at the scene of my last report from Wednesday. Wasn’t necessarily going to go there again, but no one was at the launch when I arrived at around 12-12:30. Having some stretch of water all to yourself isn’t such a bad thing is it.

Figured with the low water and being just days removed from the previous productive trip, with most of everything else I could think of being much the same, the tide was incoming, the lower water levels, the incipient warming trend, the full sun, the time of day, the low SE wind, the water color, temperature and clarity, too many things lined up not to have another reasonable and moving into the borderline predictable shot at a bountiful trip. Plus, since I’m such a homebody and never really travel far to fish, I’ve had tons, years of experience fishing these Freeport waters and feel like I know them like an old friend, even if that old friend can’t sometimes betray me, sling mud and filth my way with nothing else to show for it, leaving me feeling worked up and frustrated without a release, and otherwise make me feel like a fool. Maybe an old friend isn’t the best analogy.

However, things went pretty much according to the script this trip. Fish were found in essentially the same spots as Wednesday’s trip, but not exactly the same fish or exactly the same spots. The Wednesday spots yielded only redfish to 19”, several, maybe a dozen, most on hammertime Saltwater assassins, a few on Borski sliders, this time tan, my olive Borski supply was depleted. I kept probing and creeping along some other fringing reefs and drop offs and maybe get a rat red here or there, but not much. I found a patch of hard and dense shell jutting out into the current, truth be known I’d fished this patch in previous winters, but not Wednesday, but anyway, thump goes the line and there’s a little bit of meat on this fish, yep 21” redfish. That’s the last of the hammertime assassins, so now it’s H&H tuxedo. Next cast, Thump, deja vu, another 21” red. Okay, let’s try the Borski Slider, well that took several casts and a reposition or two, but the thump came and this red was more like 23”.

I didn’t stay there much longer, but wanted to sort of fish my way back to the launch as the slight breeze was favorable for a drift. That got me another rat or two, plus a nice mid slot in a spot I was surprised to get such a fish, made my mental note to hit it again.

Great day to be out. Birds, pelicans, egrets, herons, gulls, terns all over exposed shell and islands. Saw lots of ducks, osprey. Mid 60, perfect fishing weather, wore shorts. Winter days out on the water like yesterday make me love living here.
By bones72
That sounds like a great time on the water. I really love the Texas coast for the birds we get to see while fishing. Have never in all my years seen so many ospreys and the ducks are just plain everywhere. Around Corpus they seem to hug the causeway to avoid being shot.
By Gage5602
Excellent report i will be reporting soon but it has been a great winter on the coast with a lot of big trout have only caught 4 redfish tho lol just not fishing for them but no doubt that a nice slot will make you excited when he's stripping it out. Great report and always tightlines
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By karstopo
I’d like to do a big trout hunt soon. This is a good time to do it. Redfish are my safety fish. Less casts necessay to net more fish. Tons of slot reds around , not quite so many 7 pound on up trout.
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