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By YakRunabout
Not that sandy beach like Galveston where the sand is imported from somewhere, this is a beach made of the local source - oyster shell and a few other species. The shell is of various sizes depending on how traumatic its life on the beach has been. We landed one afternoon for a few days.
camp -

I headed off that afternoon so see what I could find. There was fish to be had not far away. Why do they show up when I am not keeping them? I guess word spread that it was a free day and they all showed up. First an undersized flounder, then some fat 17" specs that looked to be much bigger than the tape - 4 in all. A smaller spec and a fairly large sand trout and finished off with a 19" red! All in an hour or so!! What a trip this was going to be!!
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By YakRunabout
Fishing was not quite as hot for me after that first afternoon, but I did catch another of those fat specs in the morning. The trip east produced little!. But dinner was great and the moon was on display!



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By YakRunabout
The dawn brought a clear morning along with an early surprise of a catch!!



Mike found a beast under some dock lights!!!

Another day of exploring but not many fish but a few scattered about.

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By YakRunabout
Another beautiful morning arrived with calm waters,


A few more fish -



And we headed home relaxed but tired out to the bone!!
By mwatson71
Sounds like a great couple of days. I am envious as I wanted to get out this weekend but other things got in the way. I did manage to get out with my son for a round of golf today. He is consistently sub-90 now, so not too bad for a 14 year old who has been playing just under a year.

I will find my way to the water this week though.
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By Ron Mc
Thanks for the report and photos.
Remember that word gestalt - you found it, bro.
The fish didn't make the trip - the trip made itself.
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By Dandydon
Don't have any idea where you fished those idyllic days & nights, Ken, but the photos look like paradise.

Sounds like you had loads of fun exploring and then caught some legal gamefish to top it off.

Thanks for the shared experience.

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By YakRunabout
MW - Golf with your son instead fishing - an easy call, I believe.
When I would return to SoCal on a visit I would often play a round of golf with my Uncle, also my namesake Ken! Those were great times, even though I was more off the course than on since I never played much. He, on the other hand, has played all his life. I remember a few years ago he was pleased that he recently had golfed his age! Pretty good to do at 87! I believe he is still playing now at 90. An excellent activity for a lifetime - sort of like kayak fishing!

Ron - Gestalt of course - I have noted that word and it certainly captures this outing! You should have one yourself coming up soon I believe - I hope that it will fill this category for you and all attending.

DD - Paradise of course - The passage to Shangri La is not too difficult - This was a sandy shore SW of POC. Any sandy shore would likely do, there are plenty of fish in all those waters! We were originally scheduled to go to Panther Point the end of the previous week. The rain and wind on Thursday and the wind on Saturday (both days with winds to 30mph or so) convinced us to delay a few days. We ended with low winds, cool nights, and plenty of fish to satisfy our bellies, if not our taut line battle preference. We also did not travel as far - opting for beaches along the shore of South Pass Lake.

Enjoy -
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By Dandydon
Thanks for telling us where you found that paradise, outside of Port O'Connor! Your terrific photos conveyed the beauty at hand.

I can sometimes find paradise in our local bays, but it seems to happen on weekdays when I find fishing spots without other PEOPLE, ha ha.

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