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By bison_snapper
Fished Sunday afternoon at Highland Bayou from 3:00pm to dark. Tide was strong outgoing and the water was very high and dirty probably due to the rain.

Fished my normal spots along the piers and bulkheads in 3-5ft of water with no success. Finally hooked a decent flounder on the downstream side of a bulkhead, but lost the fish due to a terrible hook set. Fished several more spots with good tide movement and no bites. Made my way out to the marsh and fished the drains with no success.

Tide started to change to strong incoming around 5:00pm so I anchored up and started fan casting along a rocky shoreline. Changed tactics and fished way up in the flooded rocks in 1-2ft of water and caught my first fish of the day. Hooked and lost another fish in that spot. Moved to a new shoreline and fished way up in the rocks and caught another flounder and missed two more. Same tactic at my last spot and lost another big fish but landed a huge 21.5" flounder.

Ended up with 3 keepers but could have had a limit. Lost so many fish since I was rigged weedless and the larger poagie gulp did not allow for a proper hookset.


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By Ron Mc
Thanks for the report and very nice flatties.

Fishing "new water" in strong fall tides is a great tactic. When we fished TS Beta storm tide last fall, my buddy Tony caught a nice flounder right at our feet - the Talley Is. beach where we always break for lunch.
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By Dandydon
Love to read righteous Flounder reports like yours, Bison Snapper. You stuck with your plan and it paid off. Your photos make me jealous since I've been catching maybe 3 Flounder a year lately.

Glad you got your three flatties before November regulations back us all down to only 2 per day. They are such wonderful table fare.

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By Ron Mc
Dandydon wrote:... before November regulations back us all down to only 2 per day. They are such wonderful table fare. ...

Don and everyone, Nov 1-Dec 14 bag limit this year is Zero.

Worth an announcement on the Salt page.


I'm guessing Game Wardens will be writing a few $1200 tickets - twice that if you bag 2.
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By Dandydon
I stand corrected (and slightly horrified) about that November "zero bag" limit! Looks like catch & release on next month's flatties.

Thanks for the good info.

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